Without you

would the Empire fall

the astromech droid

whose circuit heart

is never small


compact and plucky

with him at your side

you will never

be unlucky

On the planet of Naboo

Queen Amidala was her name

then Senator Padmé

after the end of her reign

Lover of Anakin

mother of two

the Empire

Luke and Leia

will help to subdue

Like an aged dog

it lumpers over the ice

Firing it’s blaster cannons

not once but thrice

The AT-AT Walker

heading relentlessly on

until it’s enemies

are beaten

destructively gone


kick ass assassin droid

searching for bounties

alien or humanoid

Reprogrammed by Ugnaught

a baby sitter you became

look after the little one

Grogu was his name

Commander of the Death Star

the planet slayer

poor unfortunate Alderaan

didn’t stand a prayer

To test the battle station

a choice you made

with this

Princess Leia was betrayed

A fleeting appearance

which caught our attention

but then you died

gone without a mention

The Rodian Bounty Hunter

who was too slow

Greedo for episodes 5 to 9

you were no show

Hidden from sight

the Shadow Stormtrooper creeps

ready to ambush

cause the unwary to cry and weep

With his E-11 blaster rifle

he takes his unseen position

ready to complete

his dangerous stealthy mission

Searching for mysteries

within Sith Holocrons from lore

seeking power

discovered by ancients

who ruled the galaxy before


The decadent Sith

destroyed and no more


The Rule of Two

once again the ominous sign

that the Dark Side

will never be benign

The Wampa roars

a fierce arm strikes

Skywalker falls

blacking out

losing all sight

Awaking inverted

in a cave of ice

the force allows

the lightsaber

to be slowly enticed

No Droids Allowed

the cantina sign said

poor C3PO and R2D2

couldn’t get a juice

for their weary

circuitry head

Waiting outside

as Stormtroopers

look around

Hide guys

keep your heads

to the dusty ground

Poor Pateesa

met his untimely end

after Skywalker drove Jabba

around the bend

Into the pit

the Jedi fell

the battle was over

shortly after the bell

His loss was mourned

by Malakili his keeper


the Jabba Palace Weeper

Aimlessly wandering

until he finds his head

putting it back on

with unease and dread


it’s the wrong way round

with a twist

the Lego Stormtrooper

rejoins battle

with a leap and bound


better known as Thrawn

The master

of tactics and strategy

manipulating the pawn

Grand Admiral Thrawn

from the regions unknown

serving his Lord

the Emperor

siting on the Sith throne

Clone Force 99

Bad Batch is their name

Smashing the Galaxy

with infamy and fame

Hunter, Wrecker, Crosshair

Tech too

give them a thermal detonator

and you

will be well and truly through

The speeder bike

whizzes through the trees

this scout trooper is full of awe

feeling the breeze

Zigging zagging

this way and that

looking left then right

at the beautiful habitat

His awe is wonder

his wonder is joy

Then a tree

oh boy

I think I use words in right order

but as I talk people look blankly

I do mumble though

quite frankly

I need a protocol droid

not C3PO

but D4FT

who will go go go

Maybe it’s just me

Anakin Skywalker left me cold

after his defeat at Mustafar

his new incarnation

was much more bold

Suited and booted in black

with a snazzy new name

a terror of the galaxy

the apprentice to the master

he became



Scavenging for scraps

amongst the dunes

nowhere is safe

even the most sacred tomb



Travelling endlessly

across the desolate wasteland

searching for treasures

long lost amongst the sand



Lego Obi Wan Kenobi

swished his lightsaber

The Zorro of the Stars


forgoing the natty mask

worn by superstars


His lightsaber buzzes

limbs flying

building blocks fall

He may be titchy

two inches tops

but he stands Jedi tall

Swallowed by the Sarlacc

all thought you gone for good

Lost was the badass hero

from many

an excited childhood


Like the Phoenix you arose

or maybe stickily crawled

Your new adventures

will surely

keep us all enthralled

Lost in space

the Smugglers Moon

A place

where idle wanderers

meet their High Noon


Some to go to hide

others to find

Either way these Souls

are not a loss

to Mankind


A place to avoid

unless you want trouble

Be warned

visitors you may find themselves

buried under rubble


mix and match

Badass bounties

he will snatch


Forget Superman

Batman too


is the hero for you


Cute and fearsome

all in one

This is the Way

for the Galaxy’s

favourite feisty son

As a gift I can’t think of much better

Star Wars and Lego all in one

The child in me can come out to play

whist the weather is drearily lacking sun


Sitting proudly on display

I can think of only one thing to say


is the Way